What do you do when the largest supermarket chain in the United States wants to bolster their apparel lines and attract a younger customer? Simple – cast out the old, in with the new.
M Y  C O N T R I B U T I O N
The basics of the visual identity had been established when I arrived (logo, typeface, colour). My role was to help further develop the identity and marketing across all media – including print, digital, in-store and packaging. I also assisted in planning and attending photography shoots, both on and off model, and video – later leading and Creative Directing the shoots.
Jackman Reinvents, Toronto.
Kroger is a giant in the American retail market – second only to Walmart, it has over 2,750 stores in 35 states with annual revenue over $120 billion. While many stores had offered up to 14 different apparel brands for years, they didn’t feel that they matched up to Kroger's overall commitment to quality. The in-store shopping experience was messy and confusing, with lines being over-assorted and lacking a consistent story.
Our strategy was to consolidate to one private brand that would draw in a new, younger and more fashionable customer by upholding the company’s mission of accessibility, while offering them something bold, fresh and easy. Effortless style, every day.
Teaming up with renowned Canadian fashion designer Joe Mimran, Dip was born – a new line of stylish, elevated basics that not only won’t break the bank, but are readily available in the same place where people shop for daily necessities. The message was reflected in the brand’s tagline: Dip into simple. Dip into style. It’s the kind of product that fits into a consumer’s life seamlessly and meaningfully, and it opened Kroger up to an entirely new customer who seeks value but isn’t just deal-oriented. 
In it's first year – Dip exceeded expectations, lifting apparel sales across their stores, and providing consumers a much simpler, enjoyable shopping experience. Kroger is already looking to build on this, with plans to expand the Dip range to include beauty, footwear and homeware.