When Root’s Bar owners Holly and Jamie recently took over the iconic Golden Bay establishment, their website was greatly in need of a redesign to reflect their vision. Having been known as the liveliest venue in the area for years, it had always attracted a late-night crowd wanting to catch live music, but they also wanted to match the music with amazing food and drinks.
M Y  C O N T R I B U T I O N
Graphic & web design, website build (Adobe Muse), art direction, illustration.
Personal Freelance.
An identity was created to be applied across their website, print material such as menus, and advertising. This focused on the 3 B’s of their business – Good Beats, Beers and Burgers. Simple icons were used as background textures on the site, and helped differentiate the various menus and gig guide.
Style-wise it aims to strike a balance between a fun, relaxed vibe, and a clean, modern, design.
Old engraving style illustrations were developed to make features of the page titles, and act as a subtle link to Roots Bar’s name, incorporating New Zealand plants and bugs.
Note: the logo is a legacy element from a previous design. Hoping I get the chance to update it in the near future.