In late 2021 Cambridge Raceway were awarded the honour of hosting New Zealand's first ever harness slot race. Dubbed simply "The Race", they approached HGB to help them bring this unique event to life.
M Y  C O N T R I B U T I O N
Full creative direction of visual identity and supporting marketing.
HGB, Hamilton.
The decision was made to aim the event outside the typical race enthusiast and towards a younger demographic. The races were to be run from late afternoon into the evening, with dj's providing entertainment to complement the action on the track, and local drinks company Grins brought on as naming sponsors. Subsequently, the brand identity needed to be bold and convey a sense of excitement.
Taking inspiration from the colourful patterns found in jockey's uniforms and the grid structure of race forms – a geometric system was created. This was matched with a striking colour palette, bold typography and photography.
From there we worked closely with the client to implement a range of marketing initiatives that increased awareness and built excitement leading up to the event – with a focus on digital advertising, content creation for social media, and design for advertising placements around Hamilton and Cambridge.