Auckland Transport came to us with a bit of a problem – how to get safe driving messages through to 15-24 year old drivers. The demographic makes up a hugely disproportionate number of crash statistics, but traditional communications generally fall on deaf ears. Our answer was to tap into the current go-to App amongst young people – Snapchat – and get our message through via a video story straight to their mobiles, while actively engaging with the audience.
M Y  C O N T R I B U T I O N
Art direction, graphic design, script writing, storyboard development, video production, camera operation, video and sound editing.
PORT, Auckland.
Phase One – the first stage was a simple unbranded style marketing campaign that focussed on gathering as many followers as possible. This included online, print advertising and using a social influencer, encouraging people to follow our mystery Snapchat user 'YrChoice', with the added incentive that followers could win a pair of the new Snapchat Spectacles.
Phase Two – once we had built a solid database of followers, a series of six short videos were released over a period of two weeks, depicting various scenarios common to young people, coupled with safe driving messaging. The videos were released through the Snapchat story, following a fictional group of young friends, and shot to look like the group had genuinely made them on their smartphone.
Phase Three – we wanted to try actively engage our audience. This was done in a couple of ways. To enter the draw for the spectacles, a clue was played at the end of each video, and our followers had to go find our safety message posters hidden around town.
This engagement culminated in a large activation day in downtown Auckland, which was promoted and hosted by local tv celebrity Guy Williams. Along with a team of promotion staff, members of the public could get their picture taken with Guy and have it broadcast over a busy intersection on a giant 14m digital billboard.
RESULT – Snapchat, by its very nature, allowed us to develop an audience of followers who were not only viewing the videos, but also actively responding to them. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and there was a real sense of attitudinal change evident through followers comments. Auckland Transport now has an audience within the ‘hard to reach’ demographic of youth drivers that they can continue to interact with and grow for future campaigns.