Oak Hill are a large private equity firm based in New York City, with over 30 years of successful investments across retail, media and industrial sectors. Their previous identity was outdated and didn't reflect their desire to position themselves in the market as bold, confident leaders.
M Y  C O N T R I B U T I O N
Full creative direction and design of visual identity, and collaborating with interior designers for their reception area.
Jackman Reinvents, Toronto.
The plan was to do a complete redesign of their identity to bring them out of the 80's. A logo was developed to show a link back to their previous version, but with a much simpler, bolder, modern approach. This was paired with a clean, confident colour palette and typography.
In application, a focus on simple yet high quality materials and products was important. Elevating the design while maintaining the clean aesthetic, and giving a sense of attention to detail.
This aesthetic was then brought through to their office, with a refresh of the entrance and reception area.